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On 2/3/2021 at 12:39 PM, braintez said:

Finally got my panel in the mail.  Took a little more than a week with expedited shipping from China to the US.  What an awesome little display!  The attached zip contains the theme as well as the required fonts. 

I made some changes since the initial post to take into account the size of the actual screen.  Resolution isn't the issue, more finding the right font size and making more efficient use of the display area.

The animation effect in the video preview isn't anything groundbreaking.  It's basically Steam Wallpaper Engine running in the background, with transparency for the SensorPanel set to 20%.  It adds a little something to the overall theme, IMO. 

I managed to find the right part on Amazon to allow mounting via PCI bracket.  Very pleased with the way the installation and panel design turned out.

Thanks to all of the creative minds who have contributed their ideas and innovations to this community!




Aida Spy - 1920x480.zip 271.76 kB · 207 downloads

thank you so much for sharing this! looks great behind my dark tempered glass :D


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10 hours ago, Dillonwba said:


On 3/27/2021 at 9:53 PM, Dillonwba said:

hi very nice sensorpanel, Any chance you could upload a 1280x800 thanks 

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Hello there, i am super new to this whole thing, but i just got a 1024x600 panel and the software, can someone point me to a guide or something on how to actually create these? I tried a few searches and they help with the basic (CPU/GPU temps and loads etc) but how do i get the layouts and custom graphics? 

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